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Control panel

Control panel is a set of tools provides you to send and receive SMS.
You can use these features by means of control panel:
Send SMS according to zip code of users of Hamrah Avall cell phones for cities:Arak,Ardabil,Yazd,Isfahan,Ahvaz,Tehran,Sanandaj,Shiraz,Karaj,Gilan,Bandar abbas,Birjand,Bojnord,Bushehr,Qazvin,Qom,Gorgan,Hamadan,Ilam,Kerman,Kermanshah,Khoram abad,Mashhad,Urmia,Rasht,Sari,Semnan,Shahrekord,Yasuj,Zahedan,Zanjan and Tabriz Free!
For the first time in Iran by Iran SMS Panel.
Send individual and group SMS
Send advertising SMS
Send SMS by your private number
Send long SMS
High speed of sending and receiving SMS (between 500 to 1500 SMS per minute)
Receive SMS in your site
No need to external hardware and GSM modem
Automatic and smart answer to SMS
Send SMS with managing site or the other application of your company/organization.
Manage application by cell phone of system managers with no need to net.
Now this application is installed and using by more than 8000 organization and company.
These panels are useful for organizations,companies,offices,travel agencies insurance agancies,schools and universities, religious groups and many places which are  in contact with public and can be like a bridge between you and your clients.
Iran SMS Panel provides 2 kinds of control panel for its clients.
1. Unlimited panel: this is unlimited and there is no expiration and user can just send SMS by charging credit. Its price is only100000 Tomans .this kind does not need to renew for the next years.
2. Annual control panel: this kind is annual and limited and after buying it the user can use services one year. Its price is 25000 Tomans. Renewal price of this kind is just 12000 Tomans in the next years.
Note: concerning to some abuse through public lines of company the new users should buy private number. In fact after buying panel of Iran SMS Panel to send and receive sms you should buy a private number. 
After receiving annual panel you can improve it to unlimited panel by paying its differential.

We always believe losing money and wealth is better than losing people’s trust and believe.
Validity of what we have committed, believe to our speech and products is always better than a momentary profit for us.

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