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Send SMS to mobile port

In this system you can send SMS on your determined port by having a user name and password through a determined port and use sending instruction by your mobile application.
Consider one example of this system.
Iran's banks for sending their transactions through their software can provide to user opens his encrypted SMS on the software and sees his transactions while no one else knows.
One of the Advantages of this system is that if some one gets access to your inbox, he can not see your transactions
In fact this system can display received texts from centers just on your determined ports. By this system you can provide your application send and receive SMS with no need to the user refer to his inbox.
Our priority
Send and receive SMS on your port service has unique features. We have provided more wonderful features for you:
Receive SMS freely
Private number
Free module to send port based SMS
Use service in several clients by one number port.
For the first time in country this service provides to you for sale.
To use this service you can get it after sign up.

The set up expense of this system is based on client request and providing port by him.
For each port number you can pay its expense separately.
If you need a port you can activate it by paying 25000 Tomans.
After activation of this service you can send SMS on the mobile port.

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