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Representation panel

New job for job seekers
You can be your manager and employer
Yes, you are right, having an independent job is the only thing you are seeking otherwise you did not read this text.
We are beside you and accompany you to earn income, we and you. With no doubt your high income is also useful for us. We do not claim that introduce a new job to you to gain profit.no! We will gain profit beside you, if you gain. A bilateral and equal deal. What you will receive from us is a job which its first asset is 150000 Tomans.by this job you can sell and increasing the number of your clients in system makes to develope your income.adding unlimited number of users in SMS representative system is one of the items we added in our systems.
Consider you paid 150000 Tomans to start your work for one year. Now the job you started is to sell SMS panels. Your clients can log in to your site and send advertising SMS to citizens' mobiles.
Now if you sell every SMS panel 50000 Tomans to your clients, just by selling 3 SMS panels you earned your first asset and now selling every panel is equal to your profit.
In fact you sell a space to individuals which they can send and receive SMS under your control.
Consider if you just add 2 clients in a day you can earn 100000 Tomans in a day and 3 million Tomans  in a month.
Difficult to believe! no, now whatever you develop your activities in your city and have more clients the earning will increase. For gaining new clients you can go to universities, schools, religious groups, insurance offices, companies, organizations, factories, agencies, gyms and many other places which are in contact with many people and inform them about features of your SMS panel.
Consider those organization and offices which always interact with people can use this system.
For example:
By this system schools can easily send the student‘s scores to their parents ‘phone.
Hotels can send their advertisement by SMS and after entering a passenger send him a SMS and welcome to him.
Universities can inform the scores of their students by SMS.
Agencies can inform flight hours or their tours to their old and new clients.
Factories can send SMS in special days to congratulate or condolence their workers and thanks to them for their tries.
Companies can introduce their products to people by SMS.
Gyms can be in contact with their clients about payment of fees
Photography Studios can congratulate the marriage anniversary of their old clients to them.
Beauty salons for women can inform their new discounts to clients by SMS
Religious groups can inform the date and time and place of meetings to members.
Insurance offices can easily inform Insurance usance during different intervals & prevent other expenses like using a private number to call insured clients
And even as soon as a client be insured they can also set up SMS service for the next year to inform client’s usance at its proper time.
And thousands of features for thousands of jobs which you can easily get access.
Now concerning this explanation which is provided by Iran SMS Panel for the first time, do you feel there is a job better than this which can be attractive and have a good income?
Start your business by your management right now.
We will support you.
Introduction of the other Iran SMS Panel representation.
1. Application of Iran SMS Panel usual representation in unlimited form with unlimited number of clients for you.
3000 credit+14 digits private number (free)
2. Application of Iran SMS Panel annual representation, annually
 With unlimited number of clients for you.
1000 credit+14 digits private number (free)
Some of the application features of all representation panels of Iran SMS Panel
Adding subcategory of representation. it means that you can easily give representation to others.
Adding unlimited number of users
Expressing the problem and contact with manager through contacts service
Changing the homepage of control panel on personal domain- no need to host. New
Activation of online charge for users.
Defining charge tariff for users in online charge part. New
 Seeing delivery of sent SMS by users.
Sending SMS by SMS port, for the first time in Iran. New
Managing the users. (Recharging +private number)
Producing SMS card
Making group user
Activation or inactivation of some of modules for users
Sending SMS to all over the country. (Sending SMS to a province or a certain city)
Sending SMS to occupation bank (sending SMS to occupation bank of a certain city)
Sending SMS on the basis of zip code (Sending SMS on the basis of zip code of 32 city of Iran)
Sending SMS on the basis of regions (Sending SMS on the basis of city regions 
Mashhad) New
 Sending SMS on the basis of different city regions in Qazvin. New
Sending SMS on the basis of zip code of Hamrah Avall users for cities:Arak,Ardabil,Yazd,Isfahan,Ahvaz,Tehran,Sanandaj,Shiraz,Karaj,Gilan,Bandar Abbas,Birjand,Bojnurd,Bushehr,Gazvin,Qom,
Sending Short Message Peer-to-Peer. (Sending SMS with several certain texts to several people simultaneously).
Sending schedule SMS (sending SMS at a certain hour and second and sending periodically)
Sending single SMS (sending SMS to one number and entering numbers single)
Sending group SMS. (Sending a SMS to group of people by entering mobile numbers)
Regular advertisement (sending SMS according to one number and systematic sending)
Phone book (entering the number of different users with different categories)
Opinion Poll (holding an opinion poll like Navad show and observing results according to numbers and percent) 
Advertising reply (sending SMS to reply received SMS).
 Random advertisement (sending one SMS to group numbers randomly for different numbers)
Sending to abroad (sending SMS to mobiles of the other countries).
Sending advertisement at desired time (set up to send SMS at a certain time)
Auto reply to received SMS
Report of sent and received SMS. (Advertising and single) report of sent SMS by you and display of received SMS.
Charging your panel online or through phone
Sign in to users ‘account without password
Sending SMS to a user and displaying it on panel
Creating menu in users’ panel
Creating page and displaying on users’ panel
Changing user name and group and password of users.
Adding number to occupation bank
Adding SMS pattern for users
Account report (number of sent and remained SMS)
Setting up your panel private number

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