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Free SMS panel

The way of receiving free SMS panel for mosques-religious groups-imam‘s offices, Islamic and religious centers.
All of mosques,Hosseynies and religious groups and all of Islamic and religious centers such as imam‘s offices-cultural and religious club of mosques-Hoze Elmieh and religious institutions can use features of SMS system of this company freely .SMS sending tariff of these versions is fixed and between 88 to 105 Rials.
The above version that is free is the complete and unlimited version of company which is free and more than 87 significant user features is activated on it.
First :
At first you should send us your written request for receiving free panels.
Second :
After sending request if you represent all required items you will receive user name and password of system through SMS.
Third :
After activation and signing into system you can use free panel of Iran SMS Panel during unlimited time.
For more information and send written request you can call +982166090686  -  +982166090292.

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