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The questions that you can may have come bellow.please read the questions & answers carefully

Are the SMS prices calculated on my Mobile bill?

This software with Specific numbers is activated for sending & receiving SMS the initial numbers of this range of numbers are 1000.for charging this number you can settle your desire amount for sending price.

Should I pay for receiving SMS?

For the first time in Iran receiving SMS is free & in fact you do not pay for receiving.

By these numbers can we send SMS abroad?

Yes it can be sent to all of exterritorial  numbers.

Iran SMS Panel is the only company which send SMS to more than 260 country.

For using this software, is the external hardware required?

No, no matter how  you access to internet you can use the software  features by signing in Iran SMS Panel url integrated system.

Is it possible to send SMS to Irancell numbers?

By means of this software you can send SMS to all Hamrah Aval numbers (credit & fixed)& all kind of Irancell & Talia. Now all of sending prices for all operators (Irancell - 0935-0936-0937-0938 ) ، Hamrah Aval - 0911-0912-0913-0914-0915-0916-0917-0918-0919 ) – Talia-0932-Kish-0934 are equal.

Have the system delivery report?

SMS Panel represents exactly all the stages of sending a SMS from software to audiance mobile & at any moment, you can know statue of your SMS.

Is there any restriction in making contact groups & their number?

No restriction

Do I pay for software just one time?

Iran SMS Panel represents 2 kinds of control panel. The first kind is unlimited that you just pay one time &there is no pay for the next years.in the other kind panels are sold annually, for the next year user will pay half of the panel price & there is no pay for anything & expense of 2 kind is just for charging of purchased SMS s. 

When customer credit account is expired?

In general the charge should be used during a year. But in this case there is no restriction in this system and the credit is kept in the system while user is using panels.

Is it possible to receivers reply to sms with trade name?

The trade name is used for sending not receiving.it has been blocked by Iran’s Telecommunication Co. after presidential election and the use of sms with trade name is not currently possible.

How much space should be available on the host hard disk to activate the application?

There is no need to host and all of the information has been saved on the Iran SMS Panel servers.

Is it possible to have poll and match through your control panels?

Yes, by a private number you can have a match or poll easily in the Iran SMS Panel system.the example of this system is using by Navad show.

What is the speed of sms in your panel?

The avarage speed of sending is 2000 sms per minute.of course this speed is related to telecom operator traffic.in peak times the speed is 500 sms per minute while on weekend it expand up to 5000 sms per minute.
 From which number my sms will be sent?

In this system if you do not buy a private number you can use numbers which can send and receive by all Iran's operators (Hamrah Avall,Irancell and Talia).as a defult all the sms will be  sent with 100002972 or 10002972 numbers which you can choose one of them to send by it.

Am I the owner of number by buying it?

Yes, after buying it, you should pay for support of panel (Subscription) annually which is for private number just from10000 to 15000 Tomans

If online charging is failed what should be done?

If your account is not recharged after online charging you should wait 24 hours to your money returned to your bank account. If it dose not been returned to your account send a ticket through correspondent part on your panel or call to 02166090292 and say your card number it will be tracked.

Is it possible to send Latin sms with Farsi price?

Yes, on your control panel, indivisuall sending menu you can write a Farsi word then write your text by Latin letters and send with Farsi price.

Is it possible to make a random range of cell phone numbers on panel?

Yes, this feature with 89 user feature is on the control panels and is activated on all panels.

Can I provide sms representation through my personal hosting?

No, there is no need to buy and pay for self hosted. Just register a domain then set its DNS on our server DNS. Finally use your website to send sms.

Is there any limitation about numbers of sent sms in a certain time?

By your account credit you can send individual or group sms as many as you desire. there is no expiration for credit.

Is it possible to send bulk sms (group sms and 5000 or 10000 sms) at once?

Yes, you can easily send sms with high speed and at once to your desire group which you made before in your panel. you can also send sms to phones of one city or more or even to all over the country during few minutes.

After being representative how can I attract customer and start earning money?

 By these ways you can easily attract customer and sell your panels to them and earn money.
1. Presence at office client
 .2.newspapers and professional magazine advertisement
3. Banner advertisement
4.free and premium advertisement on net
5.printing business card to introduce yourself
6.sending Email and fax.
7.sending  sms through your panel numbers
8.attraction of marketer
10. Making customized web site about sms and so on

what are the advantages of being representative?

Remember after being representative you just pay for charging sms and private numbers and amount of control panel sale is equal to your pure profit.
For example your earning can be included the following items:
1.    sale of each control panel is from 20000 to 90000 Tomans which is your pure profit.
2.    sale of each private number costs 20000 Tomans and more
3.    sale of every sms charge costs 10 Rial and more
4.    sale of web service services, sms port and other features and pure profit is from about 20000 to 100000 Tomans.

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