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Exclusive track

Private number is used for sending and receiving SMS.
Now we provide 2 kinds of private number to you.

1. Private number with initial digits 1000.for example: 10002972
2. Private number which is similar to your phone number. For example (02166090292) you can send SMS to this number right now.

The time of activation for private number is 24 to 72 hours after registration and logging into your panel and after complete activation it is possible to send and receive SMS.
After buying a private number through your control panel which has been already bought you can send or receive SMS.
Advantages of use of private number to send and receive SMS are as follow:
1. Receiving SMS from customers directly.
2. Holding match
3. Holding opinion Poll
4. Smart message to auto reply to planned SMS.
5. Automatic reply to all received SMS.
6. Identifying the sender for those who are always in contact with him.
7. Make contact with you easily through private number.
8. Sending SMS and limited management of panel with no need to internet.
9. Use of web service (sends and receives SMS through personal plan)
10. And many other features which are used for panels have private number.

After order and registration of private number you should send your personal information for us to will be registered by your name. For registration of
your personal information, click here

Concerning to some abuse through public lines, order and registration of private number is necessary and after buying panel each user should purchase a private number.

Registered private numbers are not transferred to other companies. Iran SMS Panel cannot transfer its registered private numbers to other companies.

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