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Special service of programmers

In this system when you have a user name and password, by the URL and use of sending instruction you can send SMS through your site or any application.

Consider one example from this system: 

A literary and cultural website decided to send a random stanza from Hafez to a new user after filling registration form (user’s numbers is asked on it).

In this case it programs registration and choice of random poetry and send it’s SMS by Irani Nik Payam company gateway.

Suitable web service for programmers.

This service includes tools which provide programmers to enable their application to receive and send SMS with the least coding (some lines of codes).

By this web service you can do following items easily.

You can add capability of individual or group SMS sending to your all application.

It is possible to send Persian or English SMS by your application.

You can send a long text as a SMS.

You can add capability of sending Wap Push or Business Card to your application.

It is possible to send flash message.

You can send your SMS with trade name it means that when your audience receives your SMS, he sees your trade name instead of your number. (This capability has been blocked by Telecommunication Company).

And tens of other capabilities. 

Dear programmer

To send SMS you can use methods which are provided on web service, speed of sending is different and rely on network traffic and internet status but you can send at least 30000 SMS each hour.

To receive SMS you can send us a URL to your received SMS sent to it by GET method (by Query String) and you can also use a method which is prepared to this purpose on web service. There is no restriction to receive SMS.

Our priority over other similar services

“Sending and receiving service for programmers “includes unique features, we provide you more wonderful features:

Free receive SMS

Private number with 14 digits.

Free module to send web based SMS.

Capability of use of service in several clients

Know its price.

The price of sending and receiving SMS service for programmers is 40000 Tomans which includes following items:

Become a premium user in send and receive web service with developer’s documentation for programming.

A 14digits private number with initial number 1000 to send and receive SMS.by paying you can use the other numbers.

100 free SMS will be provided as first charge of service, application can be recharged through net and phone. There is no expiration for charge.

Web based control panel to send SMS, seeing sent and received SMS s.

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