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Occupation and trade bank number

Iran SMS Panel prepares and provides most professional bank mobile of companies and trades managers. Those companies and individuals who want to Purposefully advertise by sending SMS to different companies, trades, occupation managers can use this professional package to Purposefully advertise.
This bank includes 90000 phone numbers which possess high proficiency in your advertising.
Classifying mobile bank numbers of Iran SMS Panel:
Animation, computer, cabinet, office Supplies, home appliance, cooking, art and culture, weight loss, body building, send sms,ebook,art,institutions,engineering supplies ,cosmetic Surgery ,egold,photographies,publications,luxury, baby supplies,cooperatives, production companies,cinemas,teaching,entertainment,repairs, eCommerce, telephone and fax,computer parts,chat sites,,type and translation service,furniture,graphic design students, business services,business managers,CD,DVD,football network services, food products,programmers,carpet and rugs, music accessories,basketball, internet services, medical equipment,marketer,movie,home services, audio and video equipmentngineering services,beauty accessories,printing, online shops,bourse,forex,type and translation services, magazines and publications, host and domain,accounter,buy and sell,museums,painting, exclusive agent, exhibitions, notebook, courier,clothing,skin and hair, hardware construction, health, family, investment,swimming, computer companies, service companies, advertisement companies.

Amount of value added tax
Iran occupation and trade information bank does not include 8% value added tax.
Pay back process
If the customer wants to repay his money before receiving database file his money repay to him fully.
Tracking sending and purchase status
After ordering if you do not receive special file of trades and managers up to 5 hours you should call company office and by representing number of taken payment order the file and wait to receive it.

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