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In this page to appropriate and proper use of Iran SMS Panel features, examples of codes and appropriate texts are available. These codes and texts provide you to adopt your websites and E- shops to Iran SMS Panel and you can use Iran SMS Panel features with least change.

Sms bank
You do not need to install several sms bank. Iran SMS Panel provides you a sms bank with thousands of sms freely.
This application consist of thousands of free sms which divided into amorously ,spiritual and philosophical,funny,holidays,special occasions ,seasons, martyrdom and birthday of Imams, ,congratulation groups which each of them includes several sub categories.
To receive this bank just scan front barcode.

Managing panel by android application
With no connection to net and your panel you can manage panel easily by smart phone and send and receive sms.now version 1.0.0 of this application prepared and can be received from android shops. You can also click here to receive the file directly or scan front barcode by your smart device.

Sending SMS plug –in at word press.
By this plug-in you can provide your sites prepared by Word Press content management system to send SMS. Iran SMS Plug-in of Word Press systems like a newsletter with various features provide you to allow visitors to sign up your SMS Newsletter then automatically it send your latest news. This plug-in also includes more than 20 important features.SMS plug-in at word press was programmed by our dear friend Mustafa Suffi and is regularly updated.

Sending SMS module at WHMCS
We have a suggestion for hosting companies use WHMCS system. Default sending SMS panel + WHMCS module phone number with 14 digits with initial digits 1000 costs 46000 Tomans.
By sending SMS module and a line for sending SMS if there is pay, opening request you can announce your managers and users.
Some of the features

Send single SMS by panel WHMCS
Send mass SMS messages to all of users by WHMCS panel.
Making reception (daily sending)
Changing password
Sending new order
Sending support ticket
Replying support ticket
Create service.
Blocking service
Before service expired
When service expired.
To users signed up system.
Send SMS to users sign up system.(new)
And also send SMS to SMS sending hosting management.
When a new order sent
When new support ticket sent
When support ticket replied.
When new sign up it send SMS to manager.(new)
Send single or mass SMS message in Iran SMS Panel site.
Private phone book in Iran SMS Panel site.
Activation of web service for you to use it on other sites
WHMCS SMS Sending module.
To use module SMS panel service subscription in Iran SMS Panel is required that after buying subscription the module will be sent to you and if you want this will be installed on your script.
To purchase after signing up to site you can enter control center and after buying control panel and a private number receive module.
SMS sending plug-in on share tranix
By this plug-in you can provide virtual network sites to send texts through SMS on their
virtual comprehensive website

Virtual website
This plug-in was programmed by our dear friend Mr. Amir Hussein Tavoosi and regularly updated.
SMS sending module for Virtual Freer
Those individuals who sell Hamrah Avall, Irancell & Talia charges by virtual freer script, after buying charge by client they can send charge pin code to buyer by this module.

SMS sending plug-in for MPC Virtual
This plug-in works like Virtual Freer module and after buying Hamrah Avall, Irancell and Talia charges one can receive its pin on his cell phone. MPC Virtual plug-in with a high security sends charge pins to your costumers during shortest time.
If you need each of the above systems you can call us.

All of Iran SMS Panel modules,plug-ins is freely available and you just buy a control panel costs 30000 Tomans and a private number costs160000 Tomans and then without paying for web service, activate system and use it on  your sites.

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