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After sales service
In today's world of global trade which competition is for being dominance and getting part of marketing require extortionate advertising expenses to producers and suppliers one of the most effective and best determinative parameters in sale promotion,building consumer trust to quality of goods and also condition and quality of warranty and after sales services. Considering this point whatever warranty and after sale services be more various and take long time and in addition using different and modern ways with high pace for answering questions and clearing possible consumer ambiguities will cause to improve impressively trust to desirable quality level and after sale services that is effective ad and in fact accurate informing on the basis of abilities in quality and features of product.
To this Iran SMS Panel provides all of its services in the control panel part with 3 days pay back warranty to demonstrate its services are according to international standards and high competitive quality of these services with its rivals.you dear buyer can call company sale department or correspond by E-mail or even send SMS to Iran SMS Panel SMS system  use after sale services and warranty of all services and your questions is answered as soon as possible.

Note :
Control panels of Iran SMS Panel is provided with 3 days satisfaction warranty.in representation services due to providing representation characteristics it is not possible to pay back.  That’s why there is no contract cancellation.
3 days satisfaction warranty is not an ad slogan; this is a gift to prove in Iran SMS Panel hearts beat for users.there is no history for satisfaction warranty of application services in Iran and for the first time it is provided by Iran SMS Panel.
To connect support and after sale services department go to Iran SMS Panel page.
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